Mission and Values

Our Mission:

We build value. To our investors we deliver diversification and above market returns. To our partners we deliver integrity and strong relationships. To our tenants we deliver great service and a good home. To our communities we deliver honest engagement, investment and progress.


Our Values:

For JD3 Property, a great real estate opportunity is one that benefits the community, tenants, neighbors, local business and the environment.  We are committed to operating our business with the following values in mind:

  • Preservation of historic buildings and the redevelopment of underutilized urban property.
  • Adaptive re-use and other sustainable building practices, transit-oriented locations, and efficient land-use.
  • Ethical, transparent business practices and excellent customer service.
  • Management standards that serve everyone’s needs with economic agreements that are fully communicated and honored.
  • Building an organization that will honor these values well beyond the lifetime of current management.